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Ginseng Porter

Oregon Trail: Ginseng Porter

As the name implies, this robust porter is infused with
American, Korean, Siberian, & Tienchi ginseng for an earthy, rooty finish.

(6.4% alcohol)

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The Party Pig

The beer dispenser of the future is here now!

The Party Pig™ Beer Dispensing System

The Party Pig™ is a self contained 8.5 liter (2.25 gallon) reusable beer package/dispenser that keeps beer fresh and carbonated. The package is easy to carry and fits into standard refrigerators.

What makes the Party Pig™ so different?

The package requires no CO2 tanks or cartridges because it uses a self-inflating pressure pouch. As beer is dispensed from the PET plastic bottle, through an attached push-button valve, the internal pressure pouch expands and maintains a constant 15-20 pounds per square inch of pressure. This is accomplished by combining citric acid and bicarbonate of soda in a controlled manner to produce CO2 gas, which remains inside the pressure pouch and does not come in contact with the beer.

This new package uses the patented Q-Paq™ technology to maintain beer freshness while dispensing the perfect draught every time.

Using the Party Pig™ will save you time and money because everything is reusable except for the pressure pouch. With care, the components will last for many years.